Finding a good financial planner – 5 qualities to look out for

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Some have just started out and trying to establish themselves while some have already “arrived”, driving posh cars, perhaps in the million dollar club of their respective agencies, where they are earning enough passive income to retire. We may shun them or look at them with admiration for their wealth and perhaps personal charisma.

But undeniably, financial planners have an essential role to play in helping people achieve their financial goals, with many journeying with their clients through life. This includes investing, insurance, managing cash flow and loans and planning for certain goals such as buying your first property, your children’s education, as well as retirement.

Sure, there are courses where we all have basic financial literacy but good financial planners can make a difference.

Qualities to look for in a financial planner

  1. Trustworthy

You will be sharing personal information with this person so he/she should be trusted to keep this information confidential. He should also be trusted to give the advice that is best for you rather than what can earn him/her more money.

  1. Know your stuff wellWhile passing exams (eg CMFAS M5, M8, M9 and HI) are the minimum requirements, the financial planner should be knowledgeable enough to answer most queries from clients and prospects.Financial planners should also be up to date with latest trends of wealth and product offerings in the market
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