Tips for a first time snow holiday

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Age is just a number. Snow holidays are popular for people of all ages and once you try skiing or snowboarding and get the hang of it, it can become pretty addictive. But you’ll never know unless you try!

The best way to approach a snow holiday for the first time is to embrace it as a new adventure. You’ll never forget the unmistakable click of boot into ski or snowboard and the sharp intake of breath as you start moving for the first time, as if by magic.

For us South Africans, who are used to warm-weather activities, a snow holiday is particularly special. We spoke to the team at Club Med to compile a list of things you’ll need to take with you on your first snow holiday.

For the slopes:

  • A waterproof ski jacket and pants to keep you dry
  • A buff is a really versatile accessory that can serve as a scarf, a balaclava or a doek. If it’s really cold, take along the triple B’s – buff, beanie and balaclava
  • Goggles shield your eyes from glare, wind and snow. Make sure yours are anti-fog so that your vision doesn’t get all steamed up.
  • Ski socks are a must. They are nice and warm, and padded in all the right places
  • Absorbent undergear. Skiing or snowboarding generates a lot of heat, and you’ll probably work up quite a sweat under all that waterproof clothing. You need something underneath that will keep you warm without getting wet
  • A go pro or cell phone camera to capture the experience and take the inevitable selfie on the ski lift overlooking the slopes
  • Sunscreen is very important, unless you’re happy with a ski-mask tan. The snow is really reflective, so you’re exposed to the sun’s rays from above and below
  • If possible, carry a bit of water with you. It can get very dry out there, especially once you get going
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